Sunday, November 30, 2014

LS NATURAL FOODS: Stonewall Jerquee Review

Calling all Vegetarians! "We offer two lines of Jerquee snacks: Stonewall's Jerquee and Cajun Jerquee. The primary difference is that Stonewall's Jerquee is juicier and microwaveable, whereas Cajun Jerquee offers a drier chew. Both jerky snacks leave you feeling "full" and "warm" inside."

I'm not a vegetarian, but always up to try new foods. I really enjoy jerky, and was up for trying something different. While this isn't made out of meat, it's not that bad. I do prefer regular beef jerky, but I am glad I was able to try something else out there to recommend to those who do not eat meat.
As soon as you bit into any of the flavors, you could taste what it was supposed to be. Well, that is if you have tried meat before. I could tell when I was putting the pepperoni in my mouth, that it was going to be pepperoni. I also liked the heat of some of the flavors. I love all things spicy. The mild flavors come in:
Original Mild
BBQ "Beef"
Teriyaki "Beef"
Tandoori "Chicken"
Country "Bacon"
and the Spicy flavors come in:
Original Wild
Spicy "Chicken"
Peppy "Pepperoni"
Hot "Pastrami"

You can buy online. You can buy singular or in packs. You can also check out the other products that LS natural foods have to offer. While Stonewall Jerquee isn't for me, I'm glad I was able to try something different. If you're a vegetarian, this is a great protein snack! Check them out today!

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  1. When buying Stonewalls I would use caution. First the product is left open over night or for a period of time allowing flies and other pest to enter, they are bagged any way. When the product is being prepared water to soak the product is ran through a black pipe. Black pipe is used to move things such as gas and propane is constructed with lead so the product is contaminated with lead. Also the water well uses galvanized pipe that gives more lead and rust into the product. One of the baggers is so rusted that it shouldn't even be used. The employees use there bare hands to move product no gloves or hair nets are use in accordance HACCP rules. When bagging the product tare weight is not taken off therefore you are paying for packaging.
    When cleaning the machinery it is sprayed down from a spray bottle with Simple Green never rinsed nor really sanitized. Black mold is every where in the office the former operations manager became sick from the mold spent several weeks in the hospital because of the mold then was fired. The ops manager brother became ill he went to Alabama to care for him as the owner told him "take all the time needed." ops manager was written up for not showing up for work.'
    The ops manager a diabetic also is diabetic and has a service dog, he took the service dog placed him in a crate as per ADA rules. The owner told the ops manager that, The dog could be a service dog any where but at LS Natural Foods." Who does this man James Dana Dykstra think he is setting policy over Federal Law. DON'T BUY ANYTHING THAT THIS COMPANY MAKES IF YOU CARE FOR YOURSELF