Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dakota Style Foods Review

"Feed your craving". Seriously... feed my craving with some awesome sunflower seeds? Sure, why not, and thank you! It's always nice to mix up a work snack. I like almonds and peanuts, but why not switch it up? I switched it up with some Dakota sunflower seeds, and boy were they tasty! Their story:

In 1985, we started something great – right in the heart of South Dakota when we hand selected our first perfect potato. Before we knew it, we were off making chips from our very own homegrown potatoes. But, we didn’t just send off the potatoes to some unknown manufacturer, we cooked each batch, one at a time and seasoned each chip by hand – just like the good ‘ol days.
Over the years, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and mindfully perfected our chips by adding bold flavors such as Mesquite Bar-B-Que and Buffalo Ranch. What can we say, those flavors must have gotten to our heads. So, we decided to expand our line to include flavorful jumbo sunflower seeds, kernels and popcorn – using only nature’s finest ingredients and without the shortcuts.
Decades later, we haven’t forgotten where we have come from. A place where knowing how your food is grown still means something and harvesting with heart yields more than product. There are still plenty of open spaces, fresh air and dirt roads that have yet to be refined – and we plan on doing our part to keep it that way. We still rise and rest by the sun and believe in taking time to do things the right way – by hand, resulting in an experience you can taste and feel. Around here, it’s still about common sense, shaking hands and making time for things that matter – the way it once was.

Just a few of the bags I received. So the flavors that the offer besides the regular? They have and remember they switch between the seeds and kernels, so you can check out the website and see which they offer of the flavor you like:
Dill Pickle
Honey Roasted
Chili Lime
Cinnamon Churr

I love all things honey roasted, so these were super good. I shared the bacon with some co-workers and they were quite pleased. There are so many other flavors of theirs I would really like to try. The Jalapeno would be my first pick, and then the spicy ones! So many choices to pick from!!
Then they offer chips!
I gave the chips away to co-workers, but I definitely have been snacking on the sunflower seeds and kernels for the last week or so! They are so tasty and so filling, and they are good for you! That's not all.. they offer popcorn, salad toppers, and apparel. So many offerings! They also have different kinds of recipes that you can incorporate the sunflower seeds/kernels in. There are so many good ones I'd have to try.

They are sold in walmarts, or you can go online and buy. To find more about them, they are on facebook and twitter.

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