Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Western Bagel Review

I don't eat a lot of bread products, but I'm a fan of bagels. Western Bagel is family owned and been operating since 1947 Western Bagels offers a line of Alternative Bagels.
We can totally help your figure.At Western Bagel, we care about your health, and we totally appreciate all the hard work that you put into keeping your figure. That’s why we try to make our bagels as healthy as possible. Take our ALTERNATIVE bagels for example. They're all almost FAT FREE (the Sweet Wheat have a 1/2 gram of fat) and only have 110 calories. Total. They also have 0 Cholesterol and 7 grams of fiber. So if you’re concerned about what goes into your body (or what doesn’t), check out our line of Alternative bagels. They’re available in 5 bagelicious flavors. JUST added to our line of Healthy: THE SANDWICH SPLITZ. Only 90 calories, 17g carbs, 3g Fiber, 1.5g of fat and endless taste!

They offer 5 different kinds of Alternative Bagels:
Roasted Onion
Cinnamon Spice
and Blueberry.

I received the plain bagels. I'll tell you right now, they are gone. I had them twice for breakfast, and then my boyfriend and I used them for a tuna melt last week. They are the perfect size, and they were quite good. Only 110 calories isn't bad for a bagel and 7 grams of protein.

Western Bagel also sent me their Alternative Pita.
It's in the freezer right now, but once this is taken out, it will also go quick. My boyfriend eats sandwiches every week, and he sure likes pita. You can do so much with pita. I love dipping pita into hummus, or making pita pizzas! They come in two different flavors: Plain and Wheat. The pita only has 110 calories and 8 grams of fiber, with 7 grams of protein!
I also received Harvest Wheat Perfect Bagels. These are also in the freezer, but will definitely be brought out soon. I love having bagels with some peanut butter on them for breakfast.

Western Bagel also offers coffee, and other products. You can buy their products online. If you live near Van Nuys, CA, go in and eat there! I'm a huge fan! you can find them on facebook and twitter. I'm so glad I was introduced to a new healthy alternative! Can't wait to try the other products I received!

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