Saturday, January 31, 2015

KarePax Subscription Box review

When I was in middle school I was a bit on the creative side. I had a friend who had toe surgery and was stuck in bed for a few weeks and you know how that goes, boring, boring, boring. Tv shows become the same o'l thing, you get sick of reading, and you become bored. I decided to create a gift box for her for different things she could do. I included some coloring books, snacks, cheap dvd's, and some other fun stuff. She really liked it! I also did the same thing recently for a friend that was on "bed rest". I filled her bag with some other goodies. Anyways, KarePax kind of reminds me of some of these things I did for friends.

KarePax is a box filled of international snacks and comics. It's the perfect box to send someone when their sick, feeling down, or just want to surprise them with something fun and yummy!
The cool part about Karepax is that you probably won't recognize some of the goodies in the box. There were so many different kinds of candies I've never heard of. I tired a few, and I shared some with friends too! I remember bringing the box to work and we all went through it like "omg! what's this? this looks so cool and good". Statements like that. It's really exciting trying something new! The comics, I gave those to my manager who gave them to his son. I don't really read comics, but that's okay.

So then I was thinking.... should I buy a box? I kind of want to, only to see what will come in it next time. It's really awesome the candies, chips, and comics they put into it. There are different plans you can buy, check them out here. You can even just get a plan for comic books. This box is definitely worth checking out, and is definitely a lot of fun! You can check KarePax out on twitter, facebook, and instagram. Buy a KarePax for you, or even a friend. Either way, when you open the box you're guaranteed to smile!

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