Friday, January 9, 2015

Mocktails Brand Review

Are you one of those people that does not drink? Are you sick of people always asking if you want something alcoholic to drink when you go out? I've been there. I drink, but not all the time. I actually really don't like the feeling I get when I have more than 1-2 drinks. I'm always out and about with friends or my boyfriend and they constantly try to get me to have something, and get frustrated when I keep having to say no. One of my friends told me about Mocktails Brand and I was able to try out some of their drinks. Mocktails are non-alcoholic, but they have flavors that remind you of something alcoholic.
Before I started drinking white wine, sangria was always my go-to. I like sangria because it's sweet and fruity. I was sent their version of sangria, and it tastes just the same, only I don't get tired when I drink it!
Sevilla Red Sangria- grape and black cherry. You can drink it by itself like I did, or if you want to be festive, add some fruit. It's very tasty!
Anyone can tell you that I love margaritas. However, I haven't tried this yet. I think I'm going to add some alcohol in this one and bring it to our neighborhood party in a few weeks. I might actually drink it without the alcohol at first and see what it's like, and then if I feel like partying a bit more, I'll add some of the tequila in it.

Mocktails Brand also offers The Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan -- if you're feeling very fancy, this may just be for you. I've never been much of a cosmo fan though. And then there is the Scottish Lemonade Whiskey Sour. This could be good. Whiskey goes down very smooth in my opinion, and I like lemonade, a perfect combination.

Even though they are non-alcoholic, you can add alcohol if you wish. No one also has to know that you're drinking something non-alcoholic. It can be your little secret! I think Mocktails is an awesome idea. I wish I knew about this a few years back. These mocktails are gluten free- allergen free -- kosher --, and they were made in the USA. They're fun, and from one experience, they taste like the real thing! Check them out on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Have a party, drink some mocktails, and have a grand o time!

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