Saturday, January 3, 2015

Muscle Milk Review

A few months back I had a dental emergency.. well not really emergency, but dental problem. I had some tooth work done, and then because my dentist didn't test the bite, I was in a lot of pain. Long story short, I needed to get some protein in me before I took the strong meds. I couldn't really eat, because I was in lots of pain, so I went to the local CVS and filled my prescription and bought a Muscle Milk--Vanilla flavor. I've had protein shakes before, and sometimes they are really good, and sometimes they taste like healthy drinks which means not the greatest. Muscle Milk turned out to be quite amazing. I mean I think I raved to my mom about it all day.
So at the store, the ready to drink shakes are a bit pricey, so I emailed them to see if I could try some of their products (hoping I'd get some more of the ones pictured above)... but instead, and I'm not complaining, I was sent their protein packs to make my own shakes!
They taste just like they read. The chocolate tastes just like a chocolate shake and the cookies and cream tastes like a cookies and cream shake. My favorite part besides the flavors is that they fill me up. They have enough protein in them to make me feel full for a long time. I like having these after a workout, and even for breakfast! Breakfast is the hardest part of feeling full during my day, but these shakes do the trick. They are so full of protein, and not a lot of sugar, they are the perfect pick for me. You better believe I'll pay the $$ to buy these shakes!

Besides the ready to drink, and powders, they also offer bars! I would really like to try them out someday. I can only imagine how good they could be. There are many athletes that use their products - check it out! You can also find out about muscle milk on facebook, and twitter.

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