Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oats N Protein Review

Convenient-Nutrition "Enjoy Life, Stay Strong, Live Long!".

Their story:
" The Convenient Nutrition brand is an east coast based company with offices and warehouses located in New Jersey and Massachusetts. The founders, have over 50 years of experience between them in the health and nutrition industry, set out to create a company and brand that would provide convenient, ready to consume, healthy products for all to enjoy and feel great and positively affect the lives of everyone that consumes them. Our tag line on our packaging is “Enjoy Life, Stay Strong, Live Long!” No words could better describe what we’re about and what our mission is. We’re very proud of our flagship product, Oats”n”Protein, and feel it easily lives up to our mantra. Our hope is that you enjoy Oats”n”Protein as much as we do! Thank you for your time and consideration. “Enjoy Life, Stay Strong, Live Long!”

I was sent Oats n Protein to try and I had it for breakfast this morning.
There are two flavors: Original and Maple Spice. I'm not quite sure which one I tried, but it doesn't really matter. Actually looking back at my email, I was sent the original (vanilla) flavor! It really doesn't matter, it tasted great! I was a bit confused at first... there's two packages that come together. I couldn't really tell if they were both flavors, but then I figured it out. You get a package of Protein and also a package of Oats. Between the oats and the protein there is a total of 63 grams. That's a lot! All you do is mix them together, add some water, and cook for about a minute in the microwave. You can add toppings if you'd like... I added blueberries. I ate at like 830 am and wasn't hungry again until lunch around 2pm. I've never been so full! I also had a lot of energy to have a great workout!
Besides the oats n protein, they also offer a chocolate and vanilla protein wheyfer. 15 grams of protein. I'm guessing these are great as well. 15.99 for a box of Oats and 16.99 for a box of the Wheyfers. I'm considering buying a box of each. I'm really glad I had a chance to try the oats n protein. So incredibly tasty! If you're interested in buying some of their products, you can buy online, or you can check out and see what other places are selling them.
You can find out more about Convenient Nutrition on facebook, and instagram.

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