Sunday, February 22, 2015

Banana Joe Banana Chips Review

I have found my favorite Banana Chips of all time. Unfortunately they do not sell them in the US, but you better believe as soon as they do, I will be out, and buying a bag, or two! Banana Joe chips are full of flavor and their motto is "believe in taste".

Made with Natural Oils
Non-GMO Bananas
Contains low sodium
Contains no preservatives
and Gluten Free

They use a banana I've never heard of. It's their secret ingredient. The banana is called "hom thong". They are harder to source, but they are used because they taste better than any other banana out there. There are three flavors of the chips: Sea Salt, Tokyo Custard, and my absolute favorite Sriracha Chili. Sriracha Chili was the first one I tried, and didn't want to put it down. I've never tasted a banana chip so full of flavor, and so incredibly good. I also loved the spice of it. It was definitely spicy and definitely grabbed my attention.
-- I shared a few pieces with a co-worker and he tried to steal the bag from me.. Not happening! I received two bags of each flavor, and my Sriracha Chili is all gone :(.
Sea Salt is also really good. They really don't taste like banana chips, but they are full of flavor, and they are quite good! They are also good for you!
Tokyo Custard is the last flavor I received. I haven't tried this yet, as I don't want my chips to end. I really want more!

These banana chips are a must have! You can check them out on facebook, and twitter.

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