Thursday, February 19, 2015

OCHO Candy Review

There's so many different types of chocolate bars out there, and I was lucky enough to try Ocho Organic Candy Bars. They are organic and are very delicious. There's five statements that they believe in. They are:

We believe in the candy bar – candy bars should be fun and delicious.
We believe that our customers should not have to eat candy bars that have preservatives, additives and artificial flavors.
We believe small is the new big – our bars are a bit smaller in size, but bigger in taste, freshness and fine ingredients.
We believe that candy bars should be made by candy makers and confectioners and not by large conglomerates.
We believe that being passionate about making delicious, organic candy bars is our most important ingredient.

I was sent a box that contained each of their flavors.
The flavors are:
Caramel and Peanut
Peanut Butter
Dark Coffee

I'm a huge coconut+chocolate fan. Not only did I receive the bars, but I also received the minis too. You better believe the coconut bars were gone first. I was a bit hesitant about the dark coffee and mocha, but they were good as well. The mocha has this espresso nougat inside of it, and every bite was tasteful. I love peanuts, and I love caramel, so the caramel peanut bar was a great treat. I still have the peanut butter bar left, but that's okay, every once in awhile you need some chocolate :)

My contact at Ocho asked me to use one of the bars in a recipe, and I have to apologize that I didn't. I used to be really creative, but as of lately I lost that touch. I couldn't think of anything to use the bars with. However, I did melt a little bit of Caramel and Peanut bar, and dipped pretzels into it.

Watch the video below (taken from the website) to see how others enjoyed the chocolate:

You should check them out, and buy a few. You can buy them online. They are really quite good! Find them on facebook, and twitter.

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