Sunday, February 1, 2015

StudMuffin Dessert Review

Are you looking for something different and yummy for Valentines Day? I have the perfect treat for you! StudMuffin Desserts in NYC. They make guilt-free desserts from scratch. They offer their signature cookies, and space cakes. They sent me some of their cookies in their stud buckets!
They sent me their Lemon Crisps and Sinners and Saint Cookies. Okay first off.... the lemon crisps are my ultimate favorite. To me, I don't taste any lemon in them. They taste more like shortbread cookies to me and shortbread are my favorite. All I have to say is that the bucket is half full, and I keep reaching for more. I can't help myself, but even at 8am this morning I was reaching for some.
You can eat 11 of these and that's only 160 calories. I'm sure I've had more than 11.. but that's okay!!

Then I received Sinners & Saints. They pretty much remind me of Chips Ahoy cookies all in bite sized pieces only so much better! They are so fresh and so good that in every bite you can taste the semi-sweet chocolate chips.
The other Signature cookies are: Sugar Kisses, Ginger Grants, and Jackie O's. I can only guess that the rest of them are just as addicting. The Space-Cake flavors include Banana Bonanza, Luscious Red Velvet, Perfectly Pomegranate, Grandma's Panckes and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I'm so tempted to buy some for my co-workers for the upcoming holiday. Since the cookies are so good, I bet the cakes would be gone in no time. I almost don't really want to share!

My cousin lives in NYC, I need to tell her about these desserts and have her go out and get some. They are highly addicting, and are a perfect treat for Valentines Day! I would definitely recommend that you check them out if you're looking for a different kind of dessert! You can find them on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Go buy a delicious Valentines Treat today!

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  1. This company is very dishonest. They were supposed to send me a sample since early January and still have not received anything. They do not keep up with their promises. They’ve done this to other influencers as well. After confronting them, instead of trying to right a wrong they made it worse by not only not replying to me but blocking me on Instagram. Beware! Do not ever buy or do any collaborations with this company.