Monday, March 2, 2015

Meal Measure Review

Portion Control is the one thing my trainer and my mother and pretty much everyone always tells me. It's pretty much 75% what you eat and 25% of exercise, but what you eat is determined by portion control. I always nod my head and say I'm going to read the nutrition label to see what a portion would be, but I never actually measure anything. It's definitely time to start doing that. Meal Measure is the perfect tool to help along with portion control. It measures your portions for you. It's pretty simple, and easy to take on with you for those on-the-go meals.
So how does it work? There are four different spots for food. There's one for protein, one for starches, and two for either your fruits or veggies, or even one of each. There's a line in the middle of each spot, and that's for half of a cup, and if you fill it to the brim, well that's 1 cup. Place your food within those spots, lift up the meal measure, and you have your foods measured out perfectly for you. It's pretty much the best tool ever created. I always measure out my meals now. I always pack a lunch for work, so I'll measure it out before I put it into my tupperware. I feel like I'm benefiting more from measuring, than when I pretended to "measure" in my head.

You can find out more about the meal measure by checking out their website. On the website you can watch a demo as well to see how to work it if you're still unsure. You can also read other reviews on there, and you can buy yourself a Meal Measure today! If you're looking for a jump start to a healthier eating plan, this may just help you out! It's helped me for sure, and I wish I listened to my family and friends back in the day, because portion control really does help!

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