Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moon Cheese Snack Review

I LOVE cheese. That's one piece of food that I will never give up. I love all sorts of cheese too. I also love anything that has the word cheese in them... or a form of cheese... like cheese balls, cheetos, cheddar chex mix... those types although I don't eat a lot of that because of the processed ingredients. So anyways, I found out that there's a solution for cheese balls... another type of cheese balls... the best kind of cheese balls there are out there... what's that? Moon Cheese!

Moon Cheese are all natural snacks made out of real cheese! It the "cheese that crunches". They are High in Protein, all natural, gluten-free, and contain all excellent source of calcium.
There are three flavors: Cheddar, Gouda, and Pepper Jack. I will admit, I'm not a Pepper Jack fan, so I gave that away to a co-worker. My co-worker comes back the next day and asks "so where can I buy them?". I told him online, as they are a new snack and aren't sold all over yet. But real cheese snacks, a real good for you cheese ball. So incredibly tasty. Tastes just like the block of cheese (with a crunch), and a good on the go type of snack.
I took mine to work where I'm always hungry during the day. I paired up my gouda balls with some apple and it was the perfect combination. You can buy them online if you'd like! $4.99 per bag, and the bag could last you a few days! To find out more, check them out on facebook and twitter.

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