Sunday, April 5, 2015

Xylichew Review

How often do you find yourself chewing gum? I used to be a HUGE gum chewer, but then I looked at the sugar count and carb count and had to cut back. I recently discovered XyliChew and started chewing again. It is by far good for you chewing gum. It actually tastes just like gum you find in the grocery stores too. "Xylichew is gum for people seeking great taste and quality ingredients. Made with no chemicals or artificial sweeteners, Xylichew promotes a healthier mouth, and is safe for those with diabetes and many food allergies."
Xylichew is:
Made in the USA
Gluten Free
No Sugar
GMO Free
It's good for your teeth
Soy Free

I started chewing Xylichew the other day. I started with peppermint. It reminded me of Orbitz. Orbitz never loses the flavor and neither did this piece. This weekend I brought with me the Fruit flavor, and it literally reminds me of Juicy Fruit only tastier. I'm really excited to try Cinnamon, and Spearmint and a little hesitant to try the black licorice. I've never been a fan of black licorice. Before I tried Xylichew I wanted to know what it was and the definition is: "Xylitol is derived from fruits and veggies and is a natural sweetener. Xylitol is technically not a real sugar, rather a sugar alcohol. It is very similar to sugar yet it has 40% fewer calories…win, win! Xylitol is also naturally produced within the human body as a by-product to a healthy metabolism.".

You can find this gum on: amazon, vitacost, sprouts, and supplement warehouse, and other places, just check their website. It's very good. It's a great alternative to your regular chewing gum. It has way better benefits. Check them out on facebook, and twitter.

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