Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hemp2o Review

I love flavored water. I will try all sorts too. I don't drink soda or a lot of fruit drinks, but I do love water. Sometimes I get bored of just drinking plain water so I switch it up a bit with Sparkling Ice, or Vitamin Water. This time around I was given the chance to try a different kind of flavored water called Hemp2o.

"Hemp2o is an organic, herbal, vitamin beverage that does not contain the THC found in Marijuana, but hemp-seed extract. This natural oil is filled with essential nutrients that regulate mental health while also nourishing the body. Hemp2o is deliciously hydrating, bottled in the USA, and USDA certified organic."
They have a variety of different flavors. I received a whole box full of all their flavors and I found myself to liking all of them. My favorites were Coconut and Raspberry Lime. In each and every sip you can taste the flavor and you get that flavor until the last drop! I had a neighborhood party last weekend and brought out the drinks for the teenagers there. It was definitely a conversation starter, but I'm glad I was able to introduce a new drink to my friends. The teens were very happy with the flavors they tried!

Benefits of Hemp2o?
It's a superfood, It's filled with vitamins and Omega-3. What vitamins you may ask? VitaminB3 -- VitaminB6 -- and VitaminB12.

So when you think of Hemp you think of Marijuana right? There is no THC in this drink. Don't be fooled, you cannot get high off of this drink. When you drink it, your high will come from the flavor and the health benefits.

Hemp2o is quite different in my opinion, but it's quite good. The only downfall for me would be all the sugar. I could only have a little at a time, but that's okay, there's still a lot to go around! Hemp2o is also certified organic. To learn more about Hemp2o you can read their faq page here. Check them out on facebook and instagram.

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