Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Robitussin 12 hour Cough Relief Review

I've always been a fan of Robitussin Products. That's one brand that I always go to when I'm feeling under the weather. They have this new product out -- Extended Release 12 hour cough relief. I can only imagine that to be a good thing. There are many times when I'm feeling sick at work and I just need some major relief. Normally I would just take some ibuprofen or something along those lines to help me feel better, but that doesn't always help for a cough. Robitussin's new product is supposed to help you from morning until night. That would be amazing to have relief from a horrible cough that sometimes lasts for awhile! Right now they offer the flavors in orange and grape. I have yet to buy it since I'm not sick. (knock on wood) The coupon I received is good up until March of next year so I'll be good to go when cold/flu season approaches me. To learn more about this product you can go here. Thank you to crowdtap for giving me the chance to try this when need be. #Sponsored I'm definitely pro Robitussin.

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