Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fresh Wave Review

"The Fresh Wave family of natural odor-removing products has been around for a while. Like over 20 years. And you’ll be happy to know that from day one, our family of odor-removing products has been made with natural ingredients. Yes, natural ingredients. As in the good stuff you find in nature…not harsh chemicals that were manufactured in a lab. Truth be told, Fresh Wave has been made with natural ingredients since long before it was trendy or cool to use natural products. Hey, what can we say? We love being different. #trendsetter"

I have a few pair of TOM shoes, and let me tell you, after wearing them every day with no socks, they start to smell, and the smell is just not pretty. Same with my gym bag. Sweaty clothes start to make the bag smell icky as well. So many different items in the house, that just start to smell, and then I tried Fresh Wave! My shoes and gym bag smell much better!
You only need 1 pack at a time. I can't really explain the smell.. but it smells "fresh". I've used them in each of my shoes, and my gym bag and am pleasantly surprised as how great it works. The bad smell is gone!
Do you have a room in the house that just keeps smelling? You've tried candles, and diffusers, but once that goes out, it continues to smell? That's what the gel is for. Open it up and leave it in your room, come back in a few minutes and the smell is gone. Close the canister, and the room still smells good :) You can repeat this every 30-60 days.
Then there was the spray. Do your kids play sports? Did you forget to do laundry and forget to wash that shirt you wanted to wear to the gym? All you need to do is spray. A few squirts and when you smell fresh air you know it's working.

Easy as pie with the three different products from Fresh Wave. You can buy these at Target. These products are Safe, Natural, and it works! You'll be happy you tried them! Find out more on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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