Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cottonelle’s Clean Care Double Roll review

Crowdtap is great at introducing new products for certain brands to their users. I was sent some Cottonelle toilet paper! Who doesn't love receiving free toilet paper? Came at a great time as we were running out.
What's so special about this roll? IT has 35% more sheets than Charmin Ultra Strong Double Roll. Hmm.. good to know! I've always been a fan of Cottonelle. you can get a 2$ off coupon here. I've never been one to really notice what I'm getting in a toilet paper roll. I normally just go for price and quantity. However, after learning about this 35% more sheets, I figured I should start paying attention to the value I'm getting out of my toilet paper. Cottonelle will be my go-to brand the next time I'm out shopping for toilet paper! Thanks to Cottonelle and Crowdtap!

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