Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Caveman Foods Review

"Caveman Foods is on a mission to make clean, nutritious snacking the norm by providing delicious, portable Paleo-inspired snacks. We are often faced with so many choices when it comes to snacks, and often times we have to make trade-offs. Having convenient snacks doesn’t mean sacrificing nutrition or taste, which is why our products are made with the highest quality, Paleo-inspired ingredients and packed with incredible flavor. So, what is Paleo-inspired? It’s a way of eating inspired by our ancestors, which consisted primarily of nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables and lean meats. Everything our bodies are meant to eat."

I have been trying to eat a lot of unprocessed, clean foods, and Caveman Foods are just that. They are also tasty. They are filled with protein that help me get through a busy day. I received some of their Chicken Jerky, Primal Bars, and Nutrition Bars. -- The big hit was the Chicken Jerky. Whenever I get anything jerky to review I always have to bring it into work. The people I work with are huge Jerky fans just like me, and we always talk about what we like/don't like. I received two flavors: Buffalo, and Spicy BBQ
So what was the consensus? I was a huge fan of the Buffalo, but everyone else liked the BBQ. For me, I didn't think the Spicy BBQ was that spicy.. and I'm not really a BBQ fan... however, when it came to the Buffalo, I was in love. There is so much spice and it lasts a long time. I haven't had much chicken jerky before, but I really enjoyed it!

Chicken Bars: Smoked Jalapeno, Sweet Cherry, and Blueberry Pepper. I've only tried the Jalapeno so far, and I'm a huge fan. I love spice and there's definitely spice. There are 18 grams of protein per bar.
All the Caveman bars are Gluten-Free. They taste like a candy bar, but are made with nuts, seeds, fruits and dark chocolate, and they don't have all the added sugar. They have so many different flavors for you to choose from! If you're looking for clean foods or paleo foods, Caveman Products are for you! They are great tasting, clean, and full of protein!

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