Sunday, February 14, 2016

Natural Sins Reviews

Natural Sins - The Un-Potato Chip. BY FAR THE BEST SNACK IN THE WORLD. Hands down. I'm obsessed with Natural Sins. There are only two ingredients in every bag of Natural Sins. They are full of flavor and amazing flavor at that. They Crunch just like a chip.. but guess what... NO REGRET! No Guilt. NONE!
Coconut. Pineapple. Mango. Beet. The four flavors of Natural Sins. I wish I took a picture of the Pineapple chips, because they are in they look like a pineapple! It's so cool. But here's the mango one.
They taste exactly like what it is. The pineapple tastes like the pineapple.. and then mango tastes just like a mango and so forth. I'm obsessed with the mango and pineapple ones (if you couldn't tell). I'm not a huge beet fan, so I gave those to my manager. I tried the coconut -- and they were okay -- so I gave the rest to a co-worker who ate the bag in one sitting. The mango and pineapple though.. I'd buy bags and bags of those. So incredibly tasty. I have only good things to say!

They are from Costa Rica and they have their own way of doing things: We certainly didn’t think we could waltz in and steal a few potato chip fans along the way without having a pretty spectacular chip to share with the rest of the world. It starts with our fruits and veggies. We scale volcanoes hunting for pineapples in their skirts, climb atop wild coconut trees to find the perfect fruit and wield our machetes through the jungle searching for two-pound mangoes.
Once we’ve found fruits and veggies worthy of Natural Sins, we hand slice them a ¼ mm thick, sprinkle each batch with pure cane sugar and bake them low and slow. When you tear into one of our hand-packed bags, you bite into crispy slices of whole fruit. What follows is jaw-dropping wonderment that awakens all five senses and tastes like no other chip on earth.

I'm telling you that once you try one of these un-chips you won't want to go back to another chip brand. These Natural Sins are worth every bite. You can even buy them on amazon!! Find out more on facebook and twitter. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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