Saturday, February 6, 2016

Natural Vitality Review/Giveaway and Free E-Book Download

February is Heart Month so Natural Vitality along with Organic Connections has a new E-Book for you to download. Link here. It's called the Calmful Healthy Heart Book. Inside: Why your heart is awesome, Why being calm helps your heart, Tips for Heart Health, Learning about Magnesium, Yoga Moves, What's Yummy for Heart Health,and some Recipes! Go check it out!

Natural Vitality Mission Statement To provide premium and efficacious products that have a valid and unique reason for being. Our mission is not to compete but to fill a need that has not been met or to meet a need that has not yet been recognized. Our objective in producing and marketing products is to make life easier for our customers and help lessen stress in their lives. Our view of health is that all departures from wellness have stress at their root. Our approach is proactive on a product-specific basis but is also more broadly focused through our Calm Earth Project (formerly our Natural Revitalization program) which began in 2007 and through the print and web-based publication of our award-winning Organic Connections magazine (now in its eighth year) which is aimed at inspiring calm, creative & conscious living.

I was sent The Natural Calm: A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement -- An Anti Stress Drink. I also received the calmfull mug :) The flavor is Raspberry Lemon. It's actually quite good. I've been taking Magnesium vitamins to help with my headaches, but this supplement also helps.

“Magnesium enables your body to work, effectively. As the enabler of muscle relaxation, magnesium helps prevent and alleviate many health complaints such as headaches, constipation, cramps, and more. Equally important, magnesium helps restore cellular balance as a result of the body’s stress response. Magnesium plays a key role in reducing the risk and health complaints associated with stress. As a dietitian, I regularly see how food processing, food preferences, dietary needs, and ineffective supplementation result in insufficient daily magnesium intake. Increasing intake of food sources of magnesium and the addition of a quality magnesium supplement like Natural Calm from Natural Vitality* helps my patients achieve the health benefits of optimal magnesium intake, daily.”

So how stressful am I? Well let's see... I'm getting married in April... everything is pretty much planned for the wedding and pretty much everything is done. But you know there's always something that gets in the way.. let's see... The first dress shop I went to went bankrupt.. I found a new dress, one I love even more! Then a good friend of mine who was supposed to be standing up in the wedding decided to tell me she couldn't make it to the wedding period. Reasons we won't get into.... then there is the day of the wedding and things that go along with that and that hasn't even happened yet. Oh and I have trouble sleeping.. and work sometimes is really hard... So am I stressed? You better believe it. Hopefully after the wedding things will calm down and I'll be able to sleep again and just be able to breath... --- So the Anti-Stress drink has been great. When I feel those stress levels rising, I normally drink this. I normally have this mid-day early evening.. and it seems to really help me relax. That's what I need.. to relax. -- I also get migraines and I hear magnesium is supposed to help with that as well.. it has! I don't get them as frequently anymore.

While exploring the website a little more... I found some recipes to use this supplement in. It's a good thing I have some left. I'll need to try some of these out! Natural Vitality has other products out there for you too. I really recommend this if you're feeling stressed and need to relax. One lucky winner will win themselves this supplement to try. Good luck!!

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  1. I have bad anxiety so its a daily thing:(

  2. The politics that are everywhere. That is stressful!

  3. The politics that are everywhere. That is stressful!

  4. I currently have several health issues that add daily stresses.

  5. Training for a marathon- but I am injured