Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dick Stevens Jerky Review

Everyone I work with including me loves jerky. My fiance even loves jerky. If only I was working at this location when I used to review Jerky almost every week, they'd be in heaven. They were actually quite excited (me included) to try Dick Stevens Jerky. During the work day, mostly in the afternoon, we all get hungry. My Co-workers always come to my desk because I have the community food drawer and are always excited when they see new and exciting foods to try. Dick Stevens Jerky has been in there for the last few weeks. What's different about the Jerky is that it's not just jerky in the bag. There's a whole bunch of goodies that go well with jerky!
Dick Stevens Jerky Mix is a power-packed, energy full mix to help you get through your day. I am always reaching for something that gives me energy during the day, and I love jerky, so having walnuts, pecans, dried blueberries and jerky all in one bag is always a delight. You never know what you're going to get when you reach in the bag, but everything so so incredibly good it doesn't matter!

So what's in each bag?
Extreme Beef: Extreme Turkey: Macadamia Nuts- Raw Pecans- Raw Walnuts- Dried Cranberries- Dried Blueberries- Raw Sunflower Seeds- Goji Berries-

Original Beef, Original Turkey: Raw Almonds- Macadamia Nuts- Dried Cranberries- Dried Blueberries-

The Jerky in each of the bags is all low-sodium. I'll be traveling in about two weeks and I'll need some snacks to take with me for fuel.. I have some bags left, and I'll definitely be bringing them with me! It's good for on the go, or at work, or at home.. or whenever! It gives snacking a whole new meaning! Check them out on facebook and twitter.

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