Sunday, June 12, 2016

Drink Nooma Review

After a long, hard, workout what do you normally reach for? Water, or some sort of supplement in liquid format? Either or works, but then there's Nooma. A clean, electrolyte drink that refreshes you in minutes!
A few weeks ago I worked out with my trainer for the first time in a long time... She worked my upper body quite hard.. when I was finished I was sweating and needing something refreshing. I remembered I brought two Nooma drinks with me... one for me and one for my trainer. We both tried it for the first time and smiled. It was so tasty and was definitely needed. Not only do you taste the pure coconut, but you taste the flavor of the drink. I tried the Mango and she tried the Cherry Lime. I drank the whole thing! I love mango, and I love coconut water, and it was definitely a refreshing drink that was needed.

"When you workout, you sweat. When you sweat, you lose water and electrolytes. So to stay hydrated, you need to get your fluids and replace these minerals. Most importantly, potassium and sodium.
All of NOOMA’s electrolytes come from the earth. We decided we’d rather use ingredients you’d find in your kitchen over a mineral blend formulated in a lab. Our high level of potassium comes from organic coconuts and the sodium is sourced from natural sea salt.
This simple, yet effective blend of electrolytes means your body’s fluids are kept in better balance and you’ll be saying goodbye to dehydration, cramping, headaches and muscle fatigue."

Nooma has four flavors: Cherry Lime, Blueberry Peace, Mango, and Chocolate Mint. All are fabulous.
I was browning their website today, and you can use the drinks in smoothies. I'm on a huge smoothie kick lately, so I'll definitely be trying some of them out and even some of my own creations! If you go to their website and start browsing and want to buy some.. if you type in your email at the bottom of this page.. you can sayve 15% on your first order! Find Nooma on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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