Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nibblee Bits Review

Healthy cooking and baking is what I'm doing these days. I'm on this diet where all I'm doing is eating clean. Taking the bad out. I've done it for a week now and I've felt so much better. At first I thought I was detoxing from all the bad things I was putting in my body, and in reality I realized it was all from the caffeine. Either way, I'm treating my body and my life better and I've been finding many new treats and items to help me do so. About a month ago I was sent an item called Nibblee Bits. Nibblee Bits is a cookie mix, and it's healthy for you. "Our chocolate chip cookie mix is a wholesome blend of almond and TigerNut flour with a perfect sweetness from coconuts, deep dark chocolate, and fragrant vanilla.".
It's an easy process to make these cookies too. I will show you what I did... but don't yell at me.. I burnt them :(
I don't think I took the picture of my burnt cookies. I did still eat them though. They were really good. They were the sweetness I needed for the day. I had two at a time. Chocolaty goodness. Who says baking can't be healthy!?!?! The cookies have: 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of protein. Not bad right?!?! The cookies are non GMO, grain free, and gluten free. I love trying products that are clean and healthy. Anything that will help on my journey to healthy is good by me!

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