Sunday, September 18, 2016

LoveBean Fudge Review

Lovebean is in the business of pure and potent chocolate and other High-Grade Vegan and Paleo treats. We use only Organic ingredients in our spreads and we always sweeten with delicious low-glycemic Coconut Nectar. We spend lots of extra dough on the best ingredients because we want our products to make you feel amazing! Our chocolate spreads are Virgin Coconut Oil-based so not only are they a healthier option to your typical chocolate spreads and bars, but this allows the texture to vary from thick and creamy when cooler to completely liquid and perfect for dipping when warmer (or for making a magic shell on ice cream!!). You've never had so much fun with chocolate (or caramel)!

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As I started this new diet about two months ago, I really had to watch what I ate and how much sugar I was putting into my body. In the past I would always reach for hard candies, or lots of other candies that had a lot of sugar and I became addicted to it. I've learned how to monitor what I eat, control what I eat, and watch what I put in my body. I've really cut back on a lot of the foods I used to eat, and have been looking for new foods to help me along the way to satisfy those cravings.

LoveBean Fudge is awesome.
I received the squeeze packs. Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Sea-Salt Caramel (not pictured). Hazelnut and Caramel where my go-to flavors. I always pick a hazelnut flavoring in coffee (when I used to drink it) as well as Caramel. I'm a huge caramel girl. I first used them for a treat with my apples, and then I realized, I could use it on so much more. I could add the spreads to my yogurt for an afternoon snack, ice cream -- when I decided to treat myself... so I could eat it right out of the package. I tried all! The Chocolate was good too, but I'm not a huge Chocolate lover. I did enjoy all of the flavors though. - What I like best about LoveBean is that it's a clean add on to your every day snack. It's made with real ingredients, and ingredients you can read. Huge Plus for me.

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