Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drink Agua - The New Beverage Review

I stopped drinking soda and high carlorie/ high sugar drinks years ago... Now I just stick to zero calorie/low calorie water that you can get at the grocery store like vitamin water zero, sparkling ice, hint water, ect. I love water, but every once in awhile need something that has flavor. I was sent Drink Agua to try which is a new beverage and the kind of beverage I see myself drinking every day!

About: A new type of beverage created for health conscious consumers. Our brand mission is to create beverages that help the everyday individual maintain a healthy lifestyle through hydration, good-for-you electrolytes and ingredients that are functional for the everyday motions of life.
Our beverages are solutions to what today’s consumers are seeking – more energy to sustain their lifestyles, hydration to keep them active, and low calorie. Our beverages give you what you need to be at your best, leaving all the empty calories, sugary flavoring and gimmicks behind.

There are two different kinds of Drink Agua Products: Active Hydration and Fruit Essence. The Active Hydration drinks were absolutely amazing. I had one every day of the week and now I'm out and I want more.
Fruit Punch, Kiwi Strawberry, Acai Pomegranate, Orange Passion, and Tea and Lemonade. "Agua Active Hydration was formulated to support an active lifestyle with the perfect amount of hydrating electrolytes and 100 mg. of natural caffeine per bottle giving you all the hydration and natural energy you need to be at your best." I actually drank these at work when I started feeling a little sluggish. They would be great for after a work-out though. I can buy on amazon, so I might just have to get more! -- My favorite flavor was the acai pomegranate. Not sure why, but that's my favorite flavor for all beverages I buy!

Then there are the Fruit Essence products:
"Agua Fruit Essence is the hydration solution for the water-bored. Inspired to make your 8 glasses of water deliciously enjoyable. Say goodbye to the torture of drinking plain, old boring water. Agua Fruit Essence is an electrolyte powered water with your favorite fruit pairings to make deliciously hydrating water combinations that you wont want to put down." Cranberry + Grapefruit (LOVE!), Grape + Watermelon, Lemon + Cucumber, Lime + Mint Mojito, Peach + Mango (obsessed), and Orange + Pineapple. -- These remind me of the hint drinks, but you get a bit more of the flavor in every sip. I really like the Cranberry Grapefruit and the Peach and Mango. The lime + mojito was a bit much for me but my co-worker loved it, and I haven't tried the others yet. Orange+Pineapple is coming with me tomorrow to work!

Drink Agua is definitely the new beverage and a conversation starter. The beverages are very tasty and keep you feeling hydrated all day long. The Fruit Essence products are zero calorie and the Active Hydration are low calorie. You can buy them on amazon or see if they sell them near you. Find out more on their website. Visit them on facebook and instagram.

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